Western Region Trekking

This is a far and western remote region of Nepal. This region is remote and rural which has not been exploited far away from lots of infrastructure like communication, transportation and so on. A backward region comparing to other region but this does not means that it is backward in natural beauty, rather than having exploited and abstracted beauty this region have pure and virgin beauty , many best scenarios that people are still unaware about. This region is full of myths and adventures to be explored and where you can experience ancient culture, traditions, wilderness and flora & fauna. Most of the areas of this region are isolated from the outer world and only a few trekkers have ventured here so far. Compared to Nepal's other, more popular trekking regions, this region offers the feeling of real Nepal with its rural traditions. Trekking into this region offers an opportunity to explore the country's long preserved secrets: snow-covered glaciers, hidden valleys, mediaeval villages, spectacular lakes, Buddhist Monasteries, flora and fauna and cultural diversities. Only fully supported camping treks provide access to this remote region and requires a special permit. Most of the areas are untouched and remain isolated from the outer world. The acclaimed movie "Himalaya" is a poignant portrayal of this wonderful region. Most of the parts of this region remain in the rain shadow and the best time for trekking here is from late August to September. Best destination of this region are Dhorpatan trek, Saipal Himal trek, Api Himal trek, khaptad national park, and also can have the view of Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand states of India. in future India and Nepal are planning to create indo-Nepal brotherhood tourism boundary using this three state far western region of Nepal and Uttarpradesh and Uttarakhand states of India.  After that this region will be big complete package for a tourist to have unlimited adventurous and fun.

Mt. Saipal Base Camp Trek

This is an adventurous but extremely rewarding and beautiful off-the-beaten-track trek to the base camp of western Nepal’s second highest mountain, stunning Mt. Saipal (7035m). To complete this trekking, it is quite difficult without camping crew.

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Rara to Jhumla trek (16 Days)

Rara to jumla is best trekking route of western region which start from silent and largest Lake of Nepal, the great Rara. It is counted as first Nepal trek to have a view of Nepal’s wildlife including the Himalayan bear. This trek combines the beauty spruce and pine forest with spectacular view of the surrounding hills and mountain


Dhorpatan trek (15 Days)

Dhorpatan Trek is famous as one of the adventure Nepal trekking which takes lots of time and full dedication to take its result. So, come and travel to Nepal adventure travel with Himalayan Nepal Trek into the authorized destination somewhere hunting is allowed. Established in 1987 with the area of 1,325 km square is positioned in the Western region Nepal. Trekking in Dhorpatan Trek is to be found at the height of 2,850 meter to 5,500 meter. As a part of trekking tours you will carry out finest and venture trek. Nepal adventure trekking in this region is dazzling set of hunting reserve with loveliness of Nepal.


Hidden Himalaya Trek to Humla & Mugu

Hidden Himalayan trek is best part of great Himalayan trial which plunged under western region of Nepal. This route was established as trading route in ancient period, sole traders used to trade salt following this route up to Tibet border crossing Humla. After the development of transportation and infrastructure, salt trading through this route was stopped, so for some decay this route stay silent.  Along with development of tourism industry this route was brought in used but not as trading route.