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Volunteering in Nepal

“Helping Hands are holier than praying lips” most of us have heard this quotation. The quotation itself explains the meaning we do not need to explicate Further. We All the staffs from Himalayan Nepal Trek Summon together and go on for volunteering In the different remote area around Nepal. We expect more to join us and interested  May contact our agency.

We believe in sharing and caring and we do it through volunteer we are always eager to help Needy people. We do not need a plan for social work it just has to be the pure heart. However, there are many remote areas in Nepal we especially focused on poor and uneducated children, orphans, health facility, women empowerment and much more so we choose particular areas like Basha village in Solukhumbu District similarly Nuwakot Sindhupalchok where the girls trafficking is most we provide awareness program. Himalayan Nepal Treks is Being Human so have to be you.

Awareness Volunteer Project

Promote environmental consciousness and preservation knowledge among local people; provide new insights into sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and resource management in Nepal, Promote community development activities

Empowerment Project

Empowerment work with a motive to increase the standard of living educates, assist and help them lead their lives with dignity in society. This is a very rewarding project. This project is very productive to those volunteers to encounter insight of Nepali people and understand the way of living Communicate and empathize with the people is a strong way to bring up the development social life among the people.

Health Volunteer Project

The Program seeks volunteers with health backgrounds. Rural communities in Nepal where people have weak access to health care.  Participants can take part in Kathmandu city or rural area as well as hospitals or rehabilitation centers for disabled children.  The activity of our volunteers in our health projects rely on their earlier health care experience. However, have the full support of the local team as well as help from arranger. 

Teaching English Volunteer Project

This project collects teaching English classes to a group of students as per your teaching experience, solo teacher or teaching with other volunteers or local teachers or your planner.  English lesson, math, hygiene practices and development skills are expected. 

Volunteering in Monastery

Opportunity to immerse in a Buddhist monastery and experience the Buddhist culture is always inviting. The program takes place in the afternoon for 3-4 hours.  The monastery is friendly, participants will be happy to discuss Buddhism, spirituality, life and the world in general with the Buddhist concept. 

Child Care (Orphanage) Project

Child care orphanage Project comes up with the responsibilities simply involving the kids. Producing education activities, Arts, and crafts sessions, and games, songs and sports, support the household works and making meals for the children. Volunteers work schedule is 6 days a week with 1 day off involving.