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Manaslu with mountain bikes in the monsoon season - 14 days


Manaslu with mountain bikes - 14 days:

About Himalayan Nepal trek:

We used Gopal and his company to take care of permits ahead of departure, organize transportation and get a guide/porter for our trip since that is mandatory in the Manaslu region. We picked the company since their prices are better than a lot of the other companies, and Gopal did a good job at replying to our e-mails and answering our questions in the planning process. Our guide/porter was friendly and helpful, but was not acting the way you want a guide to do a lot of times, as he was mostly doing his own thing. Communicating with the guide was often difficult.

Mountain biking the Manaslu circuit in the monsoon season:

A could write a lot about our trip but I will sum it up with a few words:

Manaslu is great, it did not rain too much, some biking and some carrying, landslides, hard work, but good fun and hardly any tourists around.

If you have any questions about our trip or want to see pictures then feel free to e-mail me at us_kalle(at)yahoo.com

Organized the most amazing trek


Gopal and his team organized the most amazing trek. My first ever trek and certainly not my last with our guides Indra, Dendi and Bhakti who were fantastic and looked after us so well.

I can definitely recommend Himalayan Nepal Trek, and will definitely be back.