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Peak Climbing

Nepal is a Himalayan country with 1310 peaks (Permits) over 6000m we have lots of opportunities for the interested climbers. Nepal has been providing popular and successful adventure program after trekking in Nepal for Peak climbing in Nepal. More than 30 trekking peaks are open for Alpine climbing under Nepal Mountaineering Association which puts forward the opportunities to experience more peaks climbing in Nepal.

The most popular trekking peaks in Nepal are Island Peak 6160, Mera Peak 6470, Lobuche East. 6145 m, Lobuche West 6145 m, Mt. Tawache 6501m, Kwangde peak 6011, Cholatse Peak 6440 m, & Pokalde 5806 m, in Everest region, Naya Kanga Peak, Yala peak in Langtang region and Pisang Peak 6091, Singu Chuli Peak, Tent Peak 5,663m, Chulu East 6,419m, Chulu West 6419 m, Thorong peak 6,144 m, Thapa (Dhampus) Peak Climbing 6012m, Dhampus peak 6012m, Tilicho Peak 7134m, Hiunchuli 6441 m.

Service Charges for Foreign Climber per person in US dollar

Group "A"

SNName of the peakRegionCost/Season  
1.Mt CholatseKhumbu6440mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
2.Mt. Kyazo RiMadalangur6186mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
3.Mt.Pdari LapcdaMadalangur6017mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
4.Mt. NirekhaMahalangur6159mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
5.Mt. Langsisa RiJugal6427mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
6.Mt. OmbigaichenMahalangur6340mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
7.Mt. BoktaKanchanjunga6143mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
8.Mt. ChekigoGaurishankar6257mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
9.Mt. Lobuje WestKhumbu6145mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
10.Mt. Larkya PeakManaslu6010mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
11.Mt. ABIMahalangur6097mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
12.Mt. Yubra HimalLangtang Himal6035mUSD250USD125USD70USD70

Group "B"

SNName of the peakRegionCost/Season  
1.HiunchuliAnnapurna Himal6441mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
2.Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak)Annapurna Himal6501mUSD400USD200USD100USD100
3.Mera PeakKhumbu Himal6470mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
4.Kusum KangruKhumbu Himal6367mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
5.KwangdeKhumbu Himal6011mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
6.Chulu WestManang district6427mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
7.Chulu EastManang district6584mUSD400USD200USD100USD100
8.Imja Tse (Island Peak)Khumbu Himal6160mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
9.PharchamoRolwaling Himal6187mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
10.LobujeKhumbu Himal6119mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
11.RamdungRolwaling Himal5925mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
12.Pisang PeakManang district6091mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
13.Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak)Khumbu Himal5849mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
14.Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga)Langtang Himal5844mUSD250USD125USD70USD70
15.Paldor PeakLangtang Himal5896mUSD250USD125USD70USD70

Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak or Imja Tse peak (6,189m/20,305ft) is one of the popular peaks of the Everest region with a curious & extraordinarily glaciated that rises from the west face to the Lhotse Glacier. First of it was climbed by a British expedition team

Mera Peak Climbing

Mera peak, 35 min flight from Kathmandu  Through  Lukla (Tenzing Hillary airport)  alluring  hills & valley we will begin  our trekking towards Mera Peak (6,461m/ 21,190 ft) Popular highest trekking peak among the trekkers and climbers and it lies

Lobuche Peak Climbing

Lobuche peak(6119m) climbing is one of the good-looking summits, which has two summits i.e. Lobuche East (6119m) and Lobuche West (6145m). Which can be seen from Pheriche Lobuche east peak is the tough trekking peaks & it's completely

Pisang Peak Climbing (14 Days)

Pisang peak (6,092m) one of the popular peaks of the Annapurna region at the same time it is world highest pass which is best in the terms of exploration. Is nearly perfect pyramid combination of ice and snow peak, which rises above the valley

Chulu East Peak Climbing (19 Days)

Chulu East Peak (6,429m) is the comparatively smallest peak for the climbers, which is situated in the southeast of the Chulu West. First of all, it was climbed by a Japanese expedition in 1952.During your trip, it offers you the panoramic views of the mountains

Chulu West Peak Climbing (20 Days)

Trail of Chullu west passes through great Manang which one of the highest valleys, come across Thorong-La Pass 5,416m and Muktinath temple 3,660m to Jomsom 2,720m, Annapurnas, and other Himalaya above the 6,000m of Annapurna region.

Tharpu Chuli Peak Climb (18 Days)

Tharpu Chuli peak(5663m) climbing is one of the easiest and best destinations for the classic summit for the climbers. It is also known as the tent peak among the others peaks & it is situated in the middle of the Annapurna shrine. Hiuchuli(6,441m) & Singu Chuli

Dhampus Peak Climbing (22 Days)

Dhampush peak or Thapa peak ( 6,012m) it is one of the best and popular trekking areas of the Annapurna region. As well as it may be the easiest peak for the experience mountaineers. First, it was climbed by German expedition through

Saribung Peak Climbing (23 Days)

Saribung peak(6225m) climbing is the quite new trial for the lovers of adventure that is located Dhamodar Himalayan (6,042m) near by the region of the upper Mustang and the close border of the Nepal and Tibet. It consists of the many historical trails

Pharchamo Peak Climbing (22 Days)

Nepal’s west part of the khumbu region & it is close to the borderline of Tibet under confined and wild areas. Pharchamo is one of them because of its commonly strenuous trekking route. While passing through this trail we will be able to find out the various

Yalung-Ri Peak Climbing (20 Days)

There is various easiest peak climbing routes in Nepal. Among them, Yalung-Ri peak climbing is one of easiest peak climbing. It is located in one of the popular and historical valleys of Rolwaling. It consists of the same route goes to Ramdung peak

Singu Chuli Peak Climbing (19 Days)

Singu Chuli peak (6501m.) is also known as a fluted peak. It is one of the difficult peaks to climb. Because of having a difficult and confusing outline, it is known as the real peak climbing. So that it is mostly, recommend peak to climb & to have

Dromo Peak Climbing (31 Days)

Dromo peak is one of the best icy peaks located at the eastern side of Nepal near to the border of Sikkim and Tibet. It lay on the great Kanchenjunga Himalayan range just a few miles away from Tibet. This route was opened as trekking route for trekkers

Kwangde Peak Climbing (15 Days)

Kangde RI and Kwangde peak (6,011m) it is one of the technical mountain climbing as well as it gives us a majestic summits ridge at the eastern end of the Lumding Himal. Kwangde peak is situated at the popular Sherpa village of the southwest

Sunpathi Peak Climbing (29 Days)

Sunpathi peak is one of the best icy peaks located at the eastern side of Nepal near to the border of Sikkim and Tibet. It lay on the Kanchenjunga Himalayan range; it is the best peak having overall view of Kanchenjunga and Kumbha Karna (Janu) and

Naya Kanga Peak Climbing (17 Days)

Naya Kanga Peak ( Ganjou La Chuli)  5,844m lies in the north from Kathmandu head of Helambu region, south east from Langtang Himal. Naya Kanga is wonderfully placed in the rarely visited Langtang region of Nepal. Naya Kanga rises to the west

Nirekha Peak Climbing (21 Days)

Nirekha peak(6186m) is the well-known behemoth of Everest, Cho Oyu, and Cholatse & it is close to the border of Tibetan. Normally, to ascend this peak you gonna need ice axe, crampons & fixed ropes sections. During your ascent, mostly

Ramdung Peak Climbing (20 Days)

Ramdung peak or Ramdung Go (5,925m) is accepted for the best trekking peak of the popular Rowaling region. It is listed in-group ‘B’ category by Nepal Mountaineering Association. The major allure of Ramdung peak is spectacular views of various

Yala Peak Climbing (15 Days)

Yala Peak( 5,500m)is easier and not as much of technical and popular trekking Peak. This peak lies in Langtang trekking region in central north part of Nepal Himalayas. Yala Peak only requires good physical fitness and determination. Anyone with easy

Larke Peak Climbing (25 days)

Larke peak (6249m) in Manaslu Himalaya range. Climbers follow same Manaslu "The Spirit-Mountain" trekking route for Larke peak climbing. Manaslu is situated at the mid northern Tibet border of Nepal within Gorkha District, just been opened

Hiunchuli Peak Climbing (19 Days)

Hiunchuli peak (6,441m) is the beautiful peak on the Himalayas of Central Nepal. It is the mountain extension of the south Annapurna region whereas the Machapuchare is in between the Hiunchuli peak is a narrow section of the Modi Khola valley.

Pokhalde Peak Climbing (20 Days )

Pokhalde Peak ( 5,806m) is one of the shortest and easiest peak trekking in Khumbu region. Which was first climbed by the Adman Hilary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa through the Kongma- La in 1953 along with Everest expedition team. It‘s lies left to the

Thorong Peak Climbing (18 Days)

Thorong (6042m) peak climbing is the one of the perfect destination for the adventures lovers. Which is also know as Thorong La pass (5416m). Every year thousands of trekkers are passing through the Throng La. To climb the Thorong peak should needs

Paldor Peak Climbing (16 days)

Paldor peak (5896m) is situated in the southeast of Ganesh Himal at the junction of the Karpu Dandas in the head of Mailung Khola, Tiru & a tributary of the Trishuli Gandaki River. It is one peak among the peak in the Ganesh Himal. While lying at a remote

kongma tse peak Kongma Tse (Mehra Peak) Climbing (19 days)

Kongma Tse peak is located Kongma-La over the Khumbu North Glacier, Lobuche Peak at the opposite side  & it acclaimed as a ‘Mehra Peak’ too. It is one of a few summits, which make up the long ridge of the south-west

Kusum Kanguru Peak Climbing (18 days)

Kusum Kanguru peak (6367m).Nepal is the country where you could be able to observe and climb many peaks. Among them, Kusum Kanguru is technically challenging climbing peak in the Everest region. Being challengeable, it approved only for those

Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing (17 Days)

Kyajo Ri (6186m) peak climbing is the uncharted peak, having an appealing mountain with a sharp, defined summit. It is the highest summit of the southern part of Khumbu region & the semi technical peak situated in the Everest region of the Nepal.

Mt. Ombigaichen Peak Climbing (17 Days)

Mt Ombaigaichen (6,340 m) peak is located in the Mahalangur Himalayan range in Solukhumbu of Nepal. The climbing permit issued at first in 2002 and know as the rarely climbing peak among the Everest region of Nepal.

Mt. Cholatse Peak Climbing (17 Days)

Mt.Cholatse (6440m) Peak: Nepal is the country, which is the best destination for all the lovers of the adventures, travelers and explorers being enriched in natural beauty and the affluence of the peaks, among them Mt.Cholatse Peak Climbing is rarely

Mt. Langsisa Ri Peak Climbing (15 Days)

It is technically and physically challenge-able peak among the others peak & located at Jugal Himalayan range in Langtang valley. It could be the best destination for all the adventures lovers because it offers us scenic views of Himalayan peaks

Mt. Bokta Peak Climbing (29 Days)

The Mt.Bokta peak(6143m) is the best destination for the admirer of the adventurous while being more challenge table, revealing the natural and geographical majesty of Kanchenjunga Region. It lies in the Kanchenjunga region of Nepal,

Mt. Chekigo Peak Climbing (24 Days)

Mt. Chekigo (6257m) Peak climbing is wonderful peak climbing as well as the trekking. Which are best destinations for admiring of the adventurous and observers? It is located at the wild area between Khumbu valley and Rowaling region. Newly open

Mt. Yubra Himal Peak Climbing (20 Days)

It is an amazing trekking peak located in Langtang region of the Nepal. For this route, climbing permit issued since 2002 & and is listed as group “A” climbing peak by mountaineering association Nepal. The peak approached as a barely climbing peak

Phari Lapcha Peak Climbing (16 Days)

Phari Lapcha Peak Climbing situated in the popular Gokyo valley in the Khumbu Region of Nepal, which is close to the village of Gokyo, and Dubha Koshi. Among the 33 listed popularity trekking peaks of Nepal, Phari Lapcha peak is popular climbing peak

Phaplu to Mera Peak Climbing (20 Days)

Phaplu to Mera peak(6500m) climbing is the highest permitted trekking peak of Khumbu(Everest) region of the Nepal. It is for those travelers and adventurous who do not want to take the risk during their climbing. It could be the suitable program

Hinku To Mera Peak Climbing (24 Days)

Trek gives you a real taste of natural beauty. Our Trip begins with a Domestic flight to Tumlingtar.  From there we descend to the deep gorge of the beautiful Arun Valley rich in bird life. We approach through Salpa pass 3565m, Panch Pokhari 4070m, Mera