Himalayan Nepal Trek
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Off The Beaten Trail

There are lots of hidden and less explored Himalayan regions in Nepal. Which is still under reveal of their culture heritage, ancient myths, their tribes, livelihood, population, geographical monument & education structure, etc, to the World! The off beaten trail encompass such a trials, due to being geographically remote and less explored region, off the beaten trails is for to enhance it. Beyond some of the great Himalayas is like Mt. Everest and Annapurna, there are tremendous hidden mountains which are yet to be traveled. Due to the present, some of the travelers they prefer a less crowded and newly explored less traveled regions. Incase, if you are planning to make such a tour then it will be the best options for you.

Simikot via Mount Kailash Trek

A holy spiritual region individually bonded with different religious devotees with carrying a lot of legendary legacy. Mt. Kailash is the spectacular destination for pilgrims & adventure travelers. It’s situated in western Tibet with including magnificent senery,

Annapurna Mesokanto-La Pass

Himalayan Nepal Trek coordinate the world most highest Tilicho Lake 4949m Mesokanto passages Trekking is comfortable  after the earthquake collects the glacial melt of the whole northern slopes of the Annapurna and Thorang Peak

Gurja Himal Trek

Gurja Himal,  is a part of the Jaljalla are satiated in the west of Dhaulagiri region. All the trekking routes in and out of Hidden village offer amazing views of the Dhaulagiri region, with some extraordinary close up toward the south face of Gurja Himal.

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek is another attention grabbing trek that lies in the Annapurna Region. It is remembered for diverse taste and innovative trekking trail that are available in Nepal. Physically it is not that tricky instead you will encounter it as an

Nar Phu, Teri-La Pass

Nar Phu Upper Mustang Trek is an important trek as Himalayan Nepal Trek has blend Nar Phu Trek and Upper Mustang Trek as the same package with their concise. Again Nar and Phu is attractive village and the tour will show the way taking you

Tamang Heritage Trek

If you are looking for newly opened trekking route, you might want to take Tamang Heritage Trek which was approved for trekking only in the year 2004. Also known as homestay trek in Nepal because of several Tamang villages that provide

Bhairav Kunda Trek

One of the least crowded trekking areas of Nepal, Bhairav Kunda trek is the spiritual journey towards eastern Nepal. Bhairav Kunda Lake is named after Bhairav- the destructive form of Lord Shiv. This lake holds sacred place among shamans, Buddhists

Panch Pokhari Trek

Panch Pokhari Trek is the spiritual journey to the remote Panch Pokhari Lake. There are a collection of five adjacent lakes in this region which gives it the name of Panch Pokhari meaning Five Lakes. A great fair is organized each year on Janai

Limi Valley Trek

Limi Valley Trekking of Humla Region is the rarely visited and mystic but popular destinations for high altitude hiking trails, being there feels like stepping back in time. Due to the isolated location,

Dudh Kunda Trek (10days)

Dudh Kunda or Lake of Milk is located in the mountains of Southern Solukhumbhu directly below the Numbur Mountain Range. Dudh Kunda Trek follows off- the- beaten Trail. Known locally as Shorong Yul Lha, Dudhkunda is the holy lake where

Ganesh Himal & Ruby Valley Trek

Ganesh Himal and the ruby valley is located at north side of the central region of Nepal. It falls under hidden valley trial not so far from the capital city. It is at Rashuwa district borders with Nuwakot on south, Dhading at west, Sidupalchok at east and Tibet

Lumba Sumba Trek (20days)

Luma Sumba Trek is the beautiful Nepal travel although it is preferred by few trekkers. The reason behind it is it entices new trekking trails of eastern Nepal and they are not used to it. Being the new trek package you might be thinking how it has

Tumlingtar to Lukla Trek (15days)

Tumlingtar to Lukla trekking route is one of the best and famous trekking routes in the eastern region. This trekking route is established by ancient local people of this region as a trading route. People used to operate

Tilman Pass Trek (22days)

Tilman pass is one of the best passes that lay in the remote and wild part of the Langtang Himalayan region. This pass is a connection channel between two different Himalayan regions that is Langtang Himalayan region and Pachpokhari Himalayan region

Rara to Jhumla trek (16days)

Rara to Jumla is best trekking route of western region which starts from silent and largest Lake of Nepal, the great Rara. It is counted as first Nepal trek to have a view of Nepal’s wildlife including the Himalayan bear. This trek combines the beauty spruce

Hidden Himalaya Humla, Mugu Trek

Hidden Himalayan trek is the best part of the great Himalayan trial which plunged under the western region of Nepal. This route was established as a trading route in the ancient period, sole traders used to trade salt following this route up to Tibet border crossing Humla.