Mustang Region Trekking

Mustang is Far western development region of Nepal located in Dhaulagiri District. Mustang covers the total are of 3573km square and has population of 13452 according to the census (2011).Mustang lies in the altitude of 3,840 meter in the North-West part of Nepal. Annapurna and Niligiri mountain range is extended across the northern part.
Mustang differentiated into two parts Upper mustang and lower mustang. Upper mustang is mostly popular for adventurous trekking and lower mustang is famous for natural scenery. Upper Mustang has a Trans Himalayan climate.
Mustang being located at the northernmost part of the country is rich in natural vegetation. The biodiversity of the region swiped entire hillsides with pink and red rhododendron forests. Upper Mustang trek offers a chance to explore the thousand years of old monastery, caves, local tribes and scenic beauties of the different landscapes.
Mustang is famous for adventurous sports such as cycling, rock climbing, trekking, and horseracing. Mustang being in the northern part of the country is stride with the mountain ranges such as Annapurna and Niligiri range. The Jomsom valley lies in the shade of these mountains, which drained by the Kaligandaki River. Mountains add the beauty of mustang.
Another attraction of Mustang region is the Tiji Festival influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. The Mustagi people have their own way of family life, which is quite surprising for many outsiders. All the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, what you may call a practice of polyandry.
Lower Mustang Trekking

Lower Mustang Trek (14 Days)

Mustang is bump into the heart in the field of trekking which is divided into Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. It is exceptionally admired trekking region which is portrayed as the desert that lies on the mountain. Nepal package tour through Lower Mustang Trek is very gratifying one for the trekkers who would like to practice the kindness of the people staying here. Nepal tour into the half independent Tibetan kingdom in out of the way is situated at the northern part of Annapurna Region. This is the last mainstay with undisturbed Tibetan culture and tours Nepal in such areas can tenders matchless experience for trekking. Himalayan Nepal Trek as the Nepal tour operator has carefully planned the trek aiming to recommend gripping things. Lower Mustang Trek being the center of attraction you can have your quest in wonderland. As the tour to Nepal brings astonish height disparity and biological diversity constructing this area spread out with natural prettiness. Nepal tours in Lower Mustang Trek will set the trekking trails in approximately barren vistas. Yet taking the vertical wobbly trail making an upward and downward will make you to observe the panoramic scene of Annapurna, Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri and other peaks which are there only to formulate your tour Nepal as a truthfully tremendous trek.

Mustang Tiji Festival Trekking

Mustang Tiji Festival Trek (15 Days)

Mustang Tilji Festival Trek is well thought to be an excellent trek to experience the enlightening Nepal travels. In particular it is seen as the most instructive tour with wonderful artistic dance to lure the visitors. It is set as the forbidden land so you should have the special trekking permit if you wish to be an important component of Nepal travel. Usually people used to participate in this tour for their research as they get to understand the unique part of Tilji festival which continues for 3 days. Mustang Tilji Festival Trek is detained in Lo- Manthang which is deeming to take place more than 500 years. It is think that during those times the kingdom was bloomed with overflowing wealth and food. In terms of religion people used to follow Buddhism as a major Royal blood.

Jomsom Muktinath Trek (10 Days)

Have you ever tried any trekking during your Nepal travel? If yes then you might have already set your luck otherwise it’s time to accomplish Nepal travels with the medium of Jomsom Muktinath Trek. In your voyage Himalayan Nepal Trek would like to take all the responsibility of your travel to Nepal in making your trip beautiful and exciting. In the early days of Jomsom Muktinath Trek the trekking trail will show the way from side to side of that Annapurna Region and that blossom trail further take you mount all through the jolly villages. So, let’s discuss in to the point about this travel and tour.

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek (17 Days)

Upper Mustang Trek as the Nepal travel is in particular designed for Monsoon season and is the grouping of two diverse segments of breathtaking spots. Trekking packages which are offered by Nepal for Nepal travels are crafted with peace and mainly they are eco friendly. Being the restricted area with effortless typical destinations for the trekkers is the perfect place for trekking. The good thing about this package is the location is positioned close to the boundary line of Nepal and Tibet with and due to that reason trekkers are treated could sense the generosity. The archetypal history and followed cultures make Mustang as the rich Himalayan Kingdom and is positioned at the northern central segment of Nepal.


Dolpo Mustang Trek (21 Days)

Dolpo Mustang Trek is another interesting trek which is available in Dolpo Trekking. In terms of development Dolpo Mustang is still unable to taste development completely but that does not mean it is barbaric. Nepal with the presence of Dolpo Mustang has crafted as the destination to carry out striking trekking destination.  Nepal travel with the presence of exotic setting and lots of challenges far western part has always been a bliss for real traveler.

Nar Phu Upper Mustang Trekking

Nar-Phu, Teri-La Pass (24 Days)

Nar Phu Upper Mustang Trek is an important trek as Himalayan Nepal Trek has blend Nar Phu Trek and upper Mustang Trek as the same package with their concise. Again Nar and Phu is attractive village and the tour will show the way taking you to Teri La Pass. It is found at an elevation of 5,595 meter. The mere thought will create excitement how you going to feel when you be the part of Nepal treks. Travel and tour in Mustang trekking has always been the paramount part of trekking in Nepal hiking tours.