Manaslu Region Trekking

Manaslu with the elevation of 8163m (26781ft) lies in the west central part of Nepal. Former Named as “kutang” comes from Sanskrit word “manasa” meaning soul in English. This region has the eight highest mountain of 8156m (26759ft).Manaslu also leads to several other mountains bordering Tibet.
Important peak surrounding Manaslu include Ngadi Chuli, Himchuli and the east the peak is bounded by Ganesh Himal, Buri Gandaki River Gorge and on the west by Marysandgi Khola. Manaslu also covers tropical and sub-tropical zones. This region offers verities of trekking option permitted by Nepal government like Manaslu circuit trek, Tusm valley trek, Rupina la pass trek, Manaslu Tusm valley round trek and many more. This region is also facilitated with Manaslu conservation area. Different ethnic group like Gurung and Sherpas have their settlement here.

Unlike many other region this regions is a sanctuary to many highly endangered animal including snow Leopard, Pandas, Himalayan black dear, Gray wolf , Himalayan Musk and many more similarly birds of 110 species have been identified including Golden eagle, Himalayan griffon, Kalij , Snow cocks etc.
The temperature during winter (31–34 °C) (88–93 °F) and 8–13 °C (46–55 °F) and during summer 22–25 °C (72–77 °F) can be experienced in this region.
Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek (20 Days)

Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world. Although Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered a challenging trek, exploring the remote Manaslu Valley is a reward in itself. Discover the real Nepal and get familiar with the natural and cultural richness.    

Manaslu Tsum Valley

Tsum Valley Trek (20 Days)

Tsum valley trek is located at the majestic backdrop of the Mt. Ganesh, Mt Sringi and Mt. Boudha ranges of the Northern Gorkha is the hidden “Tsum valley”. Traveling in Tsum valley trek is best opportunities, which allows as access to the Shangrila land of the Nepal. 

Manaslu Round Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Round Tsum Valley Trek

Manaslu Round Tsum Valley Trek is the controlled area trekking which requires special Manaslu trekking permit.  Manaslu region is the land of legendary Gurung ethnics where several untouched Himalayan grandeurs are awaiting to be explored. Tsum Valley is the newly opened trek that was opened only since 2008. The best season is from October to November. Dhajyang is the local festival that falls in November. The combined Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek allows you to explore Upper and lower Tsum Valley regions where the path entails several Buddhist monasteries and chortens. This is the memorable trip that follows remote and rough steep trekking routes.

Rupina La pass Trek (26 Days)

Rupina La pass Trek (26 Days)

Rupina La Pass trek is a challenging trek into the lower Manaslu region which was opened for trekking since 1991 AD. Rupinala is known for its incredible views of Manaslu, Hiunchuli and Boudha Mountains. Rupinla Pass trekking route begins from Ghyampesal which lies near to Gorkha. Explore the rhododendron and pine forest and pass through the villages of legendary Gurung ethnic. Rupina La pass exists in the Manaslu conversation area and thus it requires special trekking permit for exploration.


Bara Pokhari Trek (16 Days)

Bara Pokhari Trek which is also known as Baraha Pokhari Trekking is the wonderful journey towards the southwest of Manaslu Mountain and east of Annapurna Mountain. Bara Pokhari (meaning collection of 12lakes in one place) is the scenic place which is not only important because of its natural views but it also holds the religious and cultural significance. Every Shaman disciple must receive blessing from Bara Pokhari Lake before practicing Shamanism.