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We traveled with Gopal more than 2 weeks in diffrent parts of Nepal. The itinerary he arranged for us were perfect includes historical sightseeing, virgin nature surfing and lodging Chitwan national parks, trekking in Annapourna region and flight around Everest Mount.
He and his staff are responsible, efficient, experienced and... Read More
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It is the nature of human that we remember the 1st and 2nd thing but we usually ignore the 3rd one. Through the Kanchenjunga Trek Himalayan Nepal Trek would like to state that there are the things which look beautiful and eye pleasing although counts after 2nd position. Kanchenjunga with the lofty altitude of 8,586 meter will let you to explore the intact trekking routes which are to be found in the flourishing Eastern Region.
Kanchenjunga Trek is in actuality a worthwhile Nepal tour package which tenders incredible scenery, striking panoramas and white snow covered mountains. As a Nepal tours in this areas you can play in elevated snow peaks which cross above 8,000 meter and some below 8,000 meter. You might have heard about Yeti and its strange stories and the more striking fact is it is supposed to be found here. Nepal trekking holidays here brings extraordinary and excellent setting with truly superb topography. Wild animals like Musk Deer, Snow leopard, Red Panda and so many other animals can be viewed in the trekking trail. The trek will proceed from Kanchenjunga Conservation Area which automatically let you to view the wide diverse flora and fauna.
Kanchenjunga Trek can be carried out either from South face or North face seeing your convenience. Here, we have forwarded the itinerary based on south face which is equally gripping and daring. As the maximum height you will walk around 4,620 meter in the best Nepal trekking season March to May and September to December. Himalayan Nepal Trek suggests the trekkers who have the potential to amble lengthy walk should go for it. In other side we are there to lend our hand with proper acclimatization.
 Kanchenjunga Trek Itinerary from North Side:
Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu International Airport, welcome Program by Himalayan Nepal Trek staff transfer to Hotel in Kathmandu on BB Plan.
Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu  valley patan,  pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Swayambhunath stay at hotel
Day 03: Flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar stay at Hotel on BB Plan.
Day 04: Drive to Taplejung (2,420m) by Local Bus 8/9 hours stay at Lodge
Day 05: Trek to Chhirwa (1185m) 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 06: Trek to Sekathum (1650m) 5/6 hours stay at tea house.
Day 07: Trek to Gyabla (2725m) 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 08: Trek to Ghunsa (3415m) 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 09: Rest day for acclimatization visit monastery around Ghunsa stay at tea Lodge.
Day 10: Trek to Khambachen (4145m) 4/5 hours stay at tea house.
Day 11: Trek to Lhonak (4792m) 3 ½ hours stay at tea house.
Day 12: Early morning hike to Kanchanjunga Base camp (5140m) ( Pangpema) see the incredible of Mount Kanchanjunga, Nepal Peak, Dromo peak, Kirat Chuli, Kangbachen, many etc. then back to lhonak (4792m) 7/8   hours stay at tea house.
Day 13: Trek to Ghunsa (3415m) hours stay at tea house.
Day 14: Trek to Selele (4200m) 4 ½ hours overnight at tea house.
Day 15: Trek to Tseram (3868m) via Miring-la 4645m Sinlapche pass 4645m this day quite challenging day due to High pass 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 16: Trek to Ramche (4610m) 4 hours stay at tea house.
Day 17: Trek Visit to Oktang Tempale, Glacier, (4740m) see the incredible view of Mont Kabru, Kanchanjunga, yalungkang, kumbakarna many etc. Trek back to Tseram (3868m) 6/7hours stay at tea house
Day 18: Trek to Torongten (2980m) 3 hours stay at tea house.
Day 19: Trek to Sherpa gaun (1792m) 7/8 hours stay at tea house.
Day 20: Trek to Phumpe dada (1860m) 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 21: Trek to Kadevanjyang (2190m) 6/7 hours stay at tea house.
Day 22: Trek to Lali kharka (2266m) 5/6 hours stay at tea house.
Day 23: Trek to Suketar (2420m) 3 ½ hours stay at tea Lodge.
Day 24: Morning Fly Back to via Biratnagar Kathmandu transfer to Hotel evening farewell dinner with Typical Nepali Culture.
Day25: Departure !!!
Though there is no particular season as all the season are favorable for trekking to Nepal. We would suggest during atom season it would be best to travel between end of September to end of November and during spring beginning of January to April last week. Beside himalayan Nepal trek welcomes you anytime.
Accommodation is most in hospitality industry; especially during trek, accommodation plays an vital role to make the trip flexible. We Himalayan Nepal Trek being part of Hospitality industry we regard our guest as a part of Family and provide them with comfort. Therefore, we provide star level hotel in Katmandu. We respect the choice of our guest and provide service, which facilitates them. During trek though we cannot find star level hotels our guest will have beautiful lodges with twin sharing bed and also can find attach WC(bathroom) but then lodges will charge extra for it. Lodges will have wooden parketing system for making ambience warm. Overall accommodation to Everest Region trek is comfortable.
There is quotation “one cannot think well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” that is why Himalayan Nepal Focus on providing guest with best quality food. In kathmandu there can be found verities of food as there are many Chinese and continental restaurants.Beside in Thamail and Durbarmarg guest can enjoy food like Korean cuisine, Thai, Japanese, and Italian and last but not the least Nepali Dal Bhat and it goes same during trek too.
We have more then 150 staffs working together to bound our company we work together to achieve our goal. We have experienced trekking, peak climbing, expedition guides and hardworking porters, assistant guides, cook who works hard for the success of our guest’s destination.
Equipment plays vital role during trek. Without equipment, a successful trek cannot be imagined so we request our guest to carry only need able equipments, which will be carried by our potential porters. Equipments include down jacket, trouser Ti-shirt, boot, knife, walking steak, light sleeping bag, sunglass, gloves, suns cream, warm socks, head light, wind proof jacket etc. we provide our staff with their need able equipments for more information visit http://www.himalayannepaltrek.com/trekking-equipments.html
Prevention is better than cure this is most famous quotation and Himalayan Nepal Trek follows it with all heart. Guest is our responsibility and we work hard to fulfill our responsibility.we take first aid kit, oxygen bag and we make emergency rescue helicopter ready in case of an emmergency.we focus on acclimatization days so that we can prevent our guest from altitude sickness. We also provide Gamow bag and satellite phone in case of Need.
Environment is where we live we care about the place we stay then why not to the place we trek. Himalayan Nepal Trek focused on keeping environment clean we practice the quotation just leave your foot prints behind. We also take part in KEP Kathmandu Environmental Education and suggest our guest to protect our environment and stop global warming.
Helping Hands are holier then praying lips. Profit orientation is not only our priority we do help the children from different places in Nepal through our profit because education leads to enlightens we help orphans and differently able people to meet their need.We are engaged in volunteering which can be also helpful to people in rural area.
Days in itinerary are always flexible. The service we provide will be according to guest desire so guest has any query can question us without hesitation. Trekking in Himalayas are always challenging there might be unexpected health problem or natural challenges In such case guest are requested to co-operate their guides.

Day 01: Arrive in TIA, Kathmandu
As you land on Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, you will be received by the representative staff from Himalayan Nepal Trek with proper greeting. Then, afterward you will be transferred to hotel where you will learn the detail itinerary. We can change the set itinerary as per your feasibility. Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
On the second day you will move to know the Kathmandu valley through the mode of sightseeing after breakfast. As a part of seeing the sight you will visit in Pashupatinath and Boudhanath which are listed in the World Heritage Sites. Pashupatinath is the symbol of Hinduism where as Boudhanath represents the Buddhism even though people visit each other with great respect. Then, you will return to hotel. Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 03: Flight to Biratnagar
Checking all the necessary equipment and preparing well today you will be dropped to TIA, Kathmandu from where you will catch the flight to Biratnagar taking 35 minutes. Landing on the airport you will check in the hotel where you will spend the night. Then, taking lunch you will set out for some sightseeing in the evening or can move out to visit the town. Stay overnight in lodge.

Day 04: Drive to Taplejung (2,420m) 8-9 hrs
From Biratnagar in an early morning you will take drive to Taplejung which is situated at an elevation of 2,420 meter. Taplejung is a beautiful place with cheerful people. You will feel great as soon as you inward in Taplejung taking 8 to 9 hours of extensive drive. Reaching in Taplenjung you will get to capture the Mount Kanchenjunga. Thus, overall you will like the journey. Stay overnight in tented camp.

Day 05: Trek to Thembewa (1,880m) 5 hrs
On the following day you will take downward movement to Thembewa and it is situated at an elevation of 1,880 meter. Taking 5 hours you will turn up to Thembewa and you will encounter nice settlement of village. You will get to visit the prosperous village and their way of living. Stay overnight in lodge.

Day 06: Trek to Keswa (1,960m) 6-7 hrs
Taking short ascends from Thembewa you will move to Kesewa with an altitude of 1,960 meter and it consumes 6 to 7 hours of duration. Arriving in Kesewa you will take some rest and explore the nearby surrounding. Stay overnight in lodge.

Day 07: Trek to Phumpe Dada (1,860m) 6 hrs
On the following leave taking from Kesewa you will move towards Phumpe Dada and you will win over it along with an elevation of 1,860 meter. It takes 6 hours of duration to complete the trek and from here you will get to see the amazing dada without any hurry. Stay overnight in tented camp.

Day 08: Trek to Sherpa Gaun (1,740m) 6-7 hrs
On the following day you will move ahead from Phumpe Dada heading towards Sherpa Gaun and it is situated at an elevation of 1,740 meter. It takes 6 to 7 hours of extensive walk and here you will get to experience the customs and traditions of Sherpa. Sherpa people are rich in terms of their norms and values and grabbing the opportunity you will get to visit the monastery and their abode. Stay overnight in tented camp.

Day 09: Trek to Torongten via Lashetham (3,646m) and then descend to Torongten (2,980m) 8-9 hrs
Heading aheae from Sherpa Gaun after knowing lots of things about Sherpa today you will start to trek Torongten via Lashetham found at an altitude of 3,646 meter. From there you will again start to trek Torongten taking progressively downward movement. Even today you will walk for 8 to 9 hours of extensive walk and you might feel tired at the end of trek but you will be glad that you have accomplished the trek on time. Stay overnight in tented camp. 

Day 10: Trek to Tseram (3,868m) 5 hrs
On the following day taking ascend you will arrive in Tseram which is positioned at an elevation of 3,868 meter. You will be walking from Torongten to Tseram by consuming 5 hours of easy walk. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 11: Trek to Ramche (4,610m) 5 hrs
Using the previous day as acclimatization you will set into trekking in Ramche which is situated at an altitude of 4,610 meter. Today you will use up the day as exploring the Glaciers and observing the frozen lakes, streams, crystal and observing the Kokthan, Kabru and Rathong which are the fantastic thing as a gift along will be rewarded after you take ascend. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 12: Trek visit to Oktang Tempale, Glacier and back to Ramche (4,610m)
On the following day you will leave Ramche aiming to visit Oktang Tempale, Glacier perceive unbelievable vistas of Mount Kabru, Yalungkang, Kanchenjunga,  Kumbakarna and so many things. Enjoying all those highlights you will trek back to Tsereram being at the height of 3,868 meter. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 13: Trek to Torongten (2,980m) 6 hrs
On the following day you will set into Torongten arriving at an altitude of 2,980 meter and it consumes 6 hours to move from Ramche to Torongten. Torongten has set good example of trekking destination. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 14: Trek via Lashetham (3,646m) and Sherpa Gaun (1,740m) 7-8 hrs
Taking ascend from Torongten you will arrive in Lashetham which is positioned at 3,646 meter and in order turn up here you need to scale up. The trek does not end here as you need to take another descend where you will feel the huge difference in terms of altitude. As a result you will reach at Sherpa Gaun being at the altitude of 1,740 meter. The entire day of trek consumes 7 to 8 hours. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 15: Trek to Phumpe Dada (1,860m) 6 hrs
On the very next day exploring lots of things in previous trek today it’s time to trek Phumpe Dada which is situated at an elevation of 1,860 meter. While trekking to Phumpe Dada you will sense that it is matchless dada if you are a regular trekker you will know the difference. Walking for 6 hours you will turn up to Phump Dada. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 16: Trek to Kade Vanjyang (1,890m) 6-7 hrs
Spending the night at Phumpe Dada today you will wake up early and leave it behind to move forward towards Kade Vanjyang. It is positioned at the altitude of 1,880 meter and it normally consumes 6 to 7 hours of duration. Here, while trekking to Kade Vanjyang you will get to view the untamed forests and some pastureland. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 17: Trek to Lali Kharka (2,266m) 6-7 hrs
On the following day taking ascend from Kade Vanjayang you will head to Lali Kharka which is found at an elevation of 2,266 meter. The total duration of trekking period is 6 to 7 hours. So, it is essential to have good physical health. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.

Day 18: Trek to Suketar (2,420m) 5 hrs
Taking ascend you will move towards Suketar which is to be found at an elevation of 2,420 meter. It asks for special trekking permit and the nature of today’s trek is a bit challenging as you approach high scale. With the help of guide and porters it will be easy thus within 5 hours you will complete the trek. Stay overnight in lodge or tented camp.
Day 19: Flight to Kathmandu via Biratnagar
Travelling around to Biratnagar in an early morning you will take breakfast and then drive to the airport from where you will catch the flight to Kathmandu. In the evening you will return to hotel completing the short sightseeing with some walk. Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 20: Free day and Farewell dinner
This is the day known as free day where there is no fixed schedule and you can go for shopping as there are numbers of good and advance Malls in Kathmandu. If you wish you can sightsee the places which are not included in Kathmandu sightseeing. In the evening you will return the hotel little earlier as today is your last day in Kathmandu and will spend some time through farewell dinner where you are free to take part in the cultural program. Stay overnight in Kathmandu

Day 21: Departure!!!!
Accomplishing 21 days of Nepal trips you will return your home town from TIA. You will be transferred to airport safely and then depart from us.
Start Date End Date Availability Price  
Cost Includes
  • Picking up and dropping from and to airport
  • All government taxes and airport taxes
  • Accommodation and meals throughout the trek which are already listed
  • Experienced and eligible English Speaking guide with necessary porters
  • Entry fees for National Park and Conservation Areas
  • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Staff Insurance during trekking with guide and porter’s salary
  • Extra Service as per guest’s demand 

Cost Excludes
  • Any sort of personal trekking and personal expenses
  • Alcohol, Beverage and laundry
  • Emergency Rescue and trip cancellation
  • Any type of natural and manmade loss
  • Tips and Gratuities 

Trip's Quick Facts

Duration: 21 Days
Accomodation: Lodge and tent
Altitude Height : 5140 M.
Seasons : October- November and March- April
Type: Clasic + adventure
Activities : Trekking
No. of Pax : 2 to above
Maximum Access : 30 kg per porter
Starts From : Suketar
Ends at : Suketar

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