Hunting Reserve in Nepal

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve
Dhorpatan hunting reserve is one and only reserve where licensed hunting is allowed. Hunting licensed is issued by Dhorpatan national park and wild life conservation. It was established in covers an area of 1325 square km (512 square mile) western part of Dhaulagiri Himal Range in altitude it ranges from 2850 to 5500 (9350-18040ft).This reserve adjoins Myagdi District and Baglung district. The running intention of this reserve is to permit sports trophy Hunting and safeguard a diplomat high attitude ecosystem in western part of Nepal.
The monsoon last until the commencement of October day time temperature is very low due to the strong wind in winter. The higher elevation stays snow caped covered with the cloud in the dawn snow may last until the low elevation April, however it shortly melts.
Flora and Fauna
The reserve is categorized alpine sub alpine and high temperature vegetation common plant species like fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, oak, juniper and spruce. Pastureland covers 50% are because of the higher elevation. Reserve is one of the prime habitats’ for blue sheep other animal found here include leopard, goral, himalayan thar, black beer, barking beer, wild boar, rhesus macaque, langur and mouse here. Controlled hunting endangered animal in this reserve include musk deer, wolf, red panda, cheer pheasant and Daphe.
Hunting block and hunting animal
1)Falguna: Bluesheep and Himalayan thar
2)Barse: Bluesheep
3)Gustang: Bluesheep and Himalayan thar
4)Surtibang: Himalayan thar
Northern hunting Block
1)Sang: Bluesheep and Himalayan thar
2)Dogadi: Bluesheep and Himalayan thar
3)Sundaha: Bluesheep and Himalayan thar
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Blue sheep hunting in Nepal

Nepal is the real upland place in the world. Blue sheep is man hunting species. Breath taking, challenging these are the words which describes blue sheep hunting in Nepal. 


Himalayan Thar Hunting

Thar hunting is one of the adventitious hunting because of their good hooves which are well adopted to climb rocks, hills and mountains


Combo Hunting

Nepal known as one of the challenging, breathe taking and unparallel hunting place around the world. These three words are enough to describe Himalayan thar hunting and blue sheep hunting.