Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo region lies in the mid western development region of Nepal covering the north by Tibet autonomous region of china. This region also has the shay phoksundo National Park. Dolpo is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountain chain like Dhaulagiri (8172meters 26811ft) this region is historically divided into four Valleys: Tsharka (good growing place), Tarap (auspicious excellent), Panzang (adobe of monks) and Nangkong (innermost place) they were created in 1975.
The Dolpo appears in the history of 8th century when Tibetan yarlung dynasty conquered most Tibetan territories most of the Tibetan migrated to Dolpo District of Nepal. However, there were different small states in Nepal but latter Gorkhalies unified in 1769 into one single state Kingdom of Nepal along with the unification Dolpo also was unified.
Dolpo Jumla Trekking

Dolpo Jumla Trek (26 Days)

Nepal Mountain trekking as the Dolpo Jumla Trek is considered as the trek where you hardly ever seen the distant areas of west. Nepal trekking in Dolpo trekking is almost certainly one of the unsurpassed and elongated treks into the mountains. It is due to such treks Nepal trekking tours are supposed to be highly recognized despite the fact that Nepal trekking regions are tricky and uneven trails. Once you go after the Nepal trekking route you will be mesmerized experiencing the prosperity of topography and geographical variation.

Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo Trek (22 Days)

Lower Dolpo Trek which is renowned as the name ‘Ba Yul’ which means Hidden Land is the fascinating trek which lure the trekkers for Nepal travel. You might be exciting to travel Nepal as it is designed with numerous highlights. Although it is a trek into the elevated region of western face of Nepal you will admire when you will get an opportunity to walk in the Shey Phoksundo National Park. Travel to Nepal you will praise the inaccessible spots and unharmed environmental region. Lower Dolpo Trek is admired as the mind-blogging Phoksundo Lake and artistic monasteries which lies on the bank of blue and peaceful lake. Passing over the soaring Himalayan passes called Baga La and Numa la which exceeds above 5,000 meter is the things that will pull your thinking capacity. You can outlook the Yak caravan which you might not have seen before. You cannot imagine how rich this region is in terms of trekking. That is why it is encountered as an extraordinary trek.  Likewise, when you will be familiar with the fact that it is enclosed with the giant Himalayas counting Dhaulagiri (8,172m) you might be arrested into its beauty. Lower Dolpo is a place where the Buddhist Bon Po is still in existence so you can go and have good knowledge on it. For the trekkers like you are fond of mountaineering and trekking and this is standing as an appropriate destination for you.

Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek (29 Days)

Upper Dolpo Trek is positioned in the south west from Kathmandu which is speculating of the famous Shey- Phoksundo National Park. Visitors are excited when they have known Nepal travel into the far flung can be interesting and it has increased the prestige of mid-western part of Nepal which is situated at the back of giant Dhaulagiri on the way to the Tibetan plateau. In order to finish the trekking package you should take the help of Nepal travel guide who can give you genuine facts and figure.

Rara Lake Trekking

Rara Lake Trek (17 Days)

All Nepal trekking arranged by Himalayan Nepal Trek is just wonderful. By this time we are talking about Rara Lake Trek which is situated on the isolated areas of least developed Karnali Zone and lies in the north west of beautiful Nepal. Nepal Mountain trekking in the western part is supposed to be excellent spots especially designed for trekking. As a Nepal trekking trekkers have to step into ‘Off the beaten path’ which tenders quick peek of society and panorama of diverse topography. Trekking to Nepal with the charisma of Rara Lake Trek has enhanced the charm of trekking tours Nepal.


Dolpo High Adventure Trek

Hike Nepal with Dolpo High Adventure Trek and make your holidays more awe-inspiring. Hiking Nepal with this tour package will not only make your days beautiful but it will teach you to struggle and dig out the real meaning of adventure. While trekking in Dolpo you will realize how you have narrow down the meaning of adventure. So, come with us to increase the horizon of adventure in true sense with our Nepal hiking team of Himalayan Nepal Trek.


Upper Dolpo Hidden Valley Trek

Upper Dolpo Hidden Valley Trek is the supreme form of adventure trekking in Nepal which is known for extensive trek. Trekkers who have sufficient time and long to spend time in Himalayas trekking can go for this exclusive trek package. The remarkable and audacious trek is considered as the best trekking adventure in Nepal. With that feature obviously the nature of trekking is hard-hitting and it will help you to determine the genuine earliest life of people. Himalayan Nepal Trek will assist in exploring the things and will show the explicit form of nature and it will make you amazed how trekking Himalayas can be fun and at the same time stimulating.

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Simikot via Mount Kailash Trek

Simikot via Mt. Kailash Trek – A holy spiritual region individually bonded with different religious devotees with carrying a lot of legendary legacy. Mt. Kailash is the spectacular destination for pilgrims & adventure travelers. It’s situated in western Tibet with including magnificent senery, flora & fauna enhancing immortality natural-beauty and cultural heritage. With 6,718m gorgeous altitude Mt. Kailash tour is amazing and challenging trip to the Holy Lake Mansarovar & Holy Mt. Kailash. It has a lot of historical & ancient myths. It represents the axis of the world or stairway to heaven for the people in the region.  


Limi Valley Trek (22 Days)

Limi Valley Trekking of Humla Region is the rarely visited and mystic but popular destinations for high altitude hiking trails, being there feels like stepping back in time. Because of having detached location so that the villages are still in traditional way and authentic like ravishing water from the mountain.