Botanical Trekking

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Malaku Botanical Trek

 The region include Sagarmatha national park in the west and share the border with Qomolongma  nature reserve in Tibet. It withhold the treasure of Mt Makalu(8463m/ 27,766ft) the world's 5th highest mountain and one of the world’s deepest river gorges 

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shey-phoksundo Botanical Trek

Shey-Phoksundo  Wild life reservation centre shey- phoksundo is one of the largest national park of the Nepal situated on the bank of dazzling Shey-phoksundo lake. Identified as the unique trains himalayan eco system 


Shivapuri Botanical Trek

       In the current scenario of industrialization the important of ecological botanical and preservation of ‘’bio-diversity’’ has became more intense and alarming  thought every nation has enlarge it’s ‘’bio-diversity’’, decline in the number and verity of living organism has lead to international concern on the convention on ‘’Bio-diversity’’. That has embarked positive development in this sector.

Everest Base Camp Botanical Trek

Everest base camp as botanical trek Nepal is the country which is enrich in various types of ‘Bio-diversity’’. Among them Everest Base camp trek is take as botanical trek. Where you can explorer the chain & scenic view of Himalayan. 

Langtang Valley Botanical Trek

Langtang valley is very popular for botanical trek. It is known as the best trip and tour for botanical trip. National park of the Langtang is in north of central Nepal of Kathmandu. It was designated as the first Himalayan National park in (1970/1971). people of the Langtang valley are mostly depended on park resources for their daily basic.