Himalayan Nepal Trek 2016-11-28 01:06:17 Trek to Everest Base Camp

Our team of Trekking in Nepal specialists would like to cordially invite you to Himalayan Nepal Trek, your gateway to Himalaya. Each year, many adventure lovers visit Nepal for climbing, trekking, expeditions and adventure sports. Nepal has remained the distant paradise for thrill seekers. We are here to fulfill your dream of getting adrenaline rush. The trekking agency that you choose plays a key role in making your dream adventure come true. So, you need to be cautious to choose the reliable trekking agency. Himalayan Nepal Trek is your ultimate guide to the Himalayas as our services are not limited only to Nepal and we cover the entire Himalayan nations including Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal and India. Why should you settle for less when you can enjoy your dream holiday at the price that fits in your budget? If you have any queries, you can ask with our expert trek planners and draft the custom tailored itinerary package. Whether you are looking for a day trip or weeks long trekking to the foot of mighty Himal, we have got it covered. You must be wondering why you should choose us when there are already so many trekking agencies in Kathmandu.  Well, this is a very valid question for which we have decent reasons.  The first and foremost is that we consider your safety with utmost reason which is why we never curtail necessary acclimatization day in our trek just because the shorter itinerary gets popular. Also, our Himalayan guides are well trained in emergency treatment. They are very much well informed in local culture. Choose from different trekking in Nepal packages and the good thing about these packages are that you will enjoy these moments to the fullest whether you come as an individual or in a group with your friends and families. Remember Himalayan Nepal Trek whether you want a vacation or if you are looking for breathtaking mountain views or for a jungle safari or simply for homestay services. We have it all. Simply contact us and we will work out the best package for...

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Adventure Trekking to Upper Mustang 2015-12-04 14:35:23 Trekking

Adventure Trekking to Upper Mustang with the renowned Himalayan Nepal Trek is the fantastic idea to travel to Nepal, aiming to precede hiking adventure.  Physically Upper Mustang is placed in an isolated area which is also acknowledged as the Forbidden Kingdom with the historical importance. Being positioned in such places with no modern facilities is the drawbacks of Mustang but seeing from the positive side it has been the plus point of this place since you can challenge yourself and it is the part of adventure. From these perspectives this has been the perfect example of hiking holiday. The Nepal trekking trails into the Upper Mustang brings mystical area and you might encounter it interesting. From the point of view of culture and landscape it is skin to Tibet which has its own attractions and characteristics. The northern central segment of Nepal, in the history is known as the Himalayan Kingdom as a result Himalayan Nepal Trek does not want to miss the single opportunity to trace the history during the actual adventure. So far what you have known the ‘adventure’ will be change after you join the Nepal tours with adventure travel group as the part of Adventure Trekking to Upper Mustang. Our Nepal tour package I highly designed with great passion and keeping you in our mind. Being the ordinary and striking place of Nepal it is our responsibility as being one of the Nepal trekking company. Behind the Adventure Trekking to Upper Mustang, Nepal trekking routes plays a significant role and it goes like Lo-Manthang, the elevated desert. Crossing the white washed villages, multicolored Buddhist shrines, and temples will let you to carry out walking trips. If you can manage to head in proper time, you can take part in Tije Festival which is acknowledged as the vivacious celebration of Buddhist people in traditional music and participating themselves in dancing. It is the city with four storey walls and Nepal trekking agency will let you to stroll all through the land of canyon spinning in the region of the massive valley of Kali Gandaki, transversely the rocky land with stupas, villages and mysterious caves. Nepal holiday package designed by us has lots of surprises and we will assure you that it I full of exciting activity. You will get the electrified package in cheap price yet the services will be more worthy. So, start packing your baggage and be ready to turn up...

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Kala Patthar Trek Route 2015-11-17 14:31:53 Trek to Everest Base Camp

Thinking for Kala Patthar Trekking? If so then you must be aware about the Route to Kalapatthar Trek clearly so that you will be able to trace the highlights of it. Before that let’s grasp additional information in relation to Kala Patthar starting from its name the name ‘Kala Patthar’ means ‘Black Stone’ and is considered as the Nepal Mountain trekking. It is seen as the traditional route from Lukla. You can also check out the Nepal trekking map to calculate the nature of Nepal trekking trip. All the trekking companies Nepal are attracted with this route since it is positioned at the elevation of 5,545 meter and you can outlook the elevated peak of the world known as ‘Mount Everest’. Unlike other trekking agencies we Himalayan Nepal Trek, one of the renowned Nepal trekking company is too eager to discuss its trek route. Moving directly into the trekking tours Nepal of Kala Patthar Trekking Route at first you will catch the panoramic flight from TIA, Kathmandu to Lukla. From here the real voyage of trekking through Nepal set into motion with the splendid mountain peaks, monasteries and Sherpa settlement areas. Heading towards the Sagarmatha National Park which is prosperous and wonderful for the nature is occupied with wild animals, birds and insects. From here you will set into Namche Bazaar, the lively and vibrant settlement of Sherpa people where you will seize an opportunity to know and experience the culture and tradition of Sherpa people. The magical areas will later take you to Khumjung. Following the Nepal easy trekking you will head to Pangboche on the next day and then the Nepal trekking route will take you to Lobuche. Lobuche has its own significance in trekking fied as it is the initial spot prior to appear at the Everest Base Camp. Enjoying the amazing EBC you will further move towards the Kala Patthar, your ultimate destination from where you can capture the entire Everest Region along with Khumbu Glacier. As we love to explore we have another trekking route as well if you wish to continue the trek you can too follow the route from Lukla to Mondzo (2,800m), Namche Bazaar (3,400m), Tengboche (3,860m), Dingboche (4,298m), Lobuche (4,910m), and then to Kala Patthar (5,545m) feeling your comfort zone. Kala Patthar itself is an appealing package and its trekking routes are even more attention grabbing. So, you will love the journey after coming across the Kala Patthar trek route and now the most important fact is the nepal trekking cost for this trip is not that high. Likewise, the trekking season nepal for this trek is you can begin the exciting journey in any season but one must be physically fit. Other details will be shared by our trekking guide Nepal while you live your...

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Best travel and tours Agency of Nepal 2015-12-24 16:57:32 Trek to Everest Base Camp

Let the Himalayan Nepal Trek help you to judge and structure the finest itinerary with the Best travel and tours Agency of Nepal among the best luxurious travel companies. Under our supervision you will get to enjoy holidays, group trips varying from interesting tropical island vacations, comfort and escapade journey, honeymoon packages, dreamy gateways and other outstanding tours. In case if you feel that you are in need of Nepal vacation trips we are ready as the best travel agent.  It’s not you will not come across other guided tour companies but make sure that you will get proper packages as the facilitates are different according to the codes of companies. For the convenience of visitors or trekkers we are also acknowledged as the travel agency online where you can complete the procedure via online as we are facilitating you to use the newer technology. Being the independent travel agency we guarantee you that you will acquire all the services as per our promises. To know more about the Budget travel and tours Packages you can glance through our site with special updates, extensive trips and perfect packages or Contact Us. Being the liable agency you can stare onward to create your trip in a brilliant and agreeable approach so remember to get in touch with Himalayan Nepal trek and set up packaging. It is your right to know how we can state ourselves as the best one. Therefore, let us draw our potentials starting from economic condition. In comparison to other trekking agencies in Nepal you will get reasonable price while packaging the trips. Likewise, our Nepal trekking guide has the wide knowledge and has the effective delivery capacity thus; there will be no problem in the part of communication. Plus with the Nepal trekking map you will encounter trouble-free in recognizing the places and its importance. We are familiar that you have come here with lots of expectation and it is our sense of duty to make you feel that we are your own. That means you will acquire emotional support from the team members along with the native people. The unique history, prosperous society, interesting politic scenario and presence of elevated peaks, dense forest, white river rafting are the things which will give you the sense of thrill. With the presence of all those perceptive in Nepal we are standing by to design your journey as one of the best part of your life. Hence, join with the Best travel and tours Agency to outlook the things in a different way. ...

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Specialty of Village Trek 2015-09-30 11:22:21 Trek to Everest Base Camp

Nepal is the land of tranquility and the reason behind the serene characteristic is due to the presence of villages. The Specialty of Village Trek has been highlighted by the Himalayan Nepal Trek as the villages have immense scope to use in tourism sector. Trekkers or visitors who have inward in Nepal may represent to urban areas so they might have keen notice in rural areas of Nepal. With these particular ideas we are eager to promote village trek where you will get to know the traditional villages, good accommodation and scope to experience unique attractions. While we thought to draw attention to village trek we cannot ignore Tsum Valley Trek and Solu Village Trek. Continuing the trek to Tsum Valley you will stay at Ranchen Gompa, Mu Gompa with exploring Samdo village with an occasion of passing the Larkye La. In additional you can observe rock, glaciers, lakes and peaks while mobbing into the soil of village. The solitude of village has been seen as the weakness but we are here to turn that weakness into positive way by promoting village tourism.  Incredible River along with turquoise lake is also counted as the specialty of village. Moving into another area of expertise we would like to focus on Solu Village as it is taken as the best example whenever people thinks about village trek. For the passionate trekkers Solu Village is perfect which set up through the natural, sea green forests and elevated mountains. Moving all through the Nunthala and crossing from the appealing village you will arrive at Nunthala, Junbesi, Thutunchhli, Sete, Bhandar, Shivalaya and Jiri are the amazing villages contributing in the Specialty of Village Trek. Apart from that village trek opens the possibility of touring bikes, road bikes and the easy thing is it is available through bikes online.  The guided hiking tours make the Nepal trek and tour more systematic. Specialty of Village Trek is newer approach to acknowledge Nepal and its villages. Trekkers prefer villages to spend their holidays and way to outlook the remarkable things. Villages exists numerous resources which can be utilized through this mode. Village is the best choice to explore Nepali customs and norms. The sociable and impression manners of Nepalese will make an impact on you. By means of effective itinerary and efficient execution you plan special treks and Solu Village along with Tsum Valley are the villages you can give it a...

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Trek to Everest Base Camp 15 Days 2015-09-03 14:21:37 Trek to Everest Base Camp

Walking 7 hour and traveling 16 km we can reach to lukla from namche bazaar crossing Phakdking. Lukla with beauty is located at height of 2850 m .it takes 35 minutes to reach Lukla from Katmandu through flight, Tenging Hillary airport will be eagerly waiting for your landing. On flight we can have Arial view of Mount. Everest, Mount. Makalu, Mount Annapurna I, Mount. Chho-yo, and many more that will increase your eagerness to be in Lukla. Being based in climate and weather condition kalapather (5555m)  climb and Everest Base camp  visits are often swapped, we can climb Kalapather on date of arrival an visit EBC the next day or vise versa. Forgetting the pain of 2015 earthquake now Everest Base camp is ready to welcome trekkers, Everest Base camp just had minor damage, which has been fully recovered. For acclimatization most of trekkers spend two days at Namche Bazaar, Lukla airport was not damaged at all. Some of the teahouse had minors damage according to media at time of earth quake but now all damage are rebuilt. Phakding. Namche, tengboche, Dinboche, Perche,  Lobuche Gorakshep and Gokyo Treak are now fully...

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