Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd registered: 135236 / 071 / 072 under Nepal Government also associated with Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP), and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). The company is authorized to organize trekking in Nepal including peak climbing in Nepal and expedition in Nepal plus Home stay trek, Volunteering service In Nepal, Hunting tour plus adventure sports in Nepal.

 Himalayan Nepal Trek is absolutely expert trekking agency operated under the direction of Mr. Gopal Shrestha, who has been contributing this field since 1984 AD. With complete experience of porter, Cook, assistant guide and ultimately authorized guide in 1995 AD from Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation and With 31 years of continuous effort he came up with Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd and started to put forward his genuine way of traveling around Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan for his clients.    

 We value our clients to travel in best possible ways to create a wonderful memory in life time and understand the true taste of mountain environment, culture and way of living. We also value to conserve all those precious attractions for upcoming.    

Explore trekking in Nepal with quality service and well adoptable itineraries. Feel free to contact us and inquiry any confusion with us.
We are at your service.

Why Himalayan Nepal Trek?

Himalayan Nepal Trek is legal independent company based on trekking around very remote Himalayas, hills and mountains until 8,848m. We priorities to provide complete organized service to travelers to make their precious time creditable with genuine spirit and absolute passion of local trekkers of Himalayas.
Our team has involved in great expedition like Everest expedition, Kanchenjunga expedition, Makalu expedition to most difficult and exhausting trekking passes which are appealing and demanding activities in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We push our full potential to get the maximum output and experience the new potential that emerge each day to make best of destination despite of challenging expedition or simple trek or home stay in Nepal.
Safety is our first priority; our team is very observing and takes action to every detail to keep you out of danger zone. Mountain weather condition, altitude, rough road can be basic obstacles to our attainment.
Beside we provide our Client appropriate date for Nepal tours, treks and trips, comfortable payment methods, acceptable terms and conditions, clarity in cost, accommodation, tour and trekking packages, airport pickup and drop. Our client’s feedback and ability to make any kinds of other adventure sports in Nepal makes us very particular about our work.



Hundreds of countries, hundreds of flights, endless road and magnificient things to see in this world so here are som egough guides to motivate your laziness.
Hundreds of countries, hundreds of flights, endless road and magnificient things to see in this world so here are som egough guides to motivate your laziness.

It’s time to talk to explore the world around you. People, culture, costume, natural beauty, weather are the best of the best factor to put effort on your laziness. Reach out and get the best treasure of knowledge and enlighten yourself with Nepal. Best attempt is best effort.  

Get out of bed
We live in the world where we work hard and play hard. We like to go on a vacation and take a sun basking in a wonderful beach because of stressed out life we almost spend more time in the bed rather than going out and finding the place to search for the treasure. Hi gyes get out reach out.

Battery Battery
Trekking in the mountains are always challenging and this sometimes leads to obstacles simply like you might have to run out o f the battery or more things. Well request you to carry some of the best battery powerbank to save you day and take a wonderful Picture.

Choose favourites
I always hear people talking about the favorite things and that strikes me to remember all those memories and love it. Well all you need is travel councilor to council the best place to visit so you won’t miss any best of the best.  

Carry cash
Well you need to have a little bit of cash always as a traveler you need to have more than just to get out of the situation. I have found many people in the route suffering with the budget and I really think that is not how you plan the you once in a lifetime. Grab a cash and ravel the world

Pack bags
If you want to travel easy you must understand how much you can carry and how long you can carry your necessary backpack. Well there are plenty of ideas in our website please go through to make your trekking or travel best as possible.

Book in advance

Booking in advance not only savesyou money but also helps you to do lot of fun activities depending on you vaccation day. There are dozens of profit for advance booking as well as the person who books first always get the best place ofcourse

Hire a car
If you want to travel around the city please contact us for the best offer

Client Reviews

We traveled with Gopal more than 2 weeks in diffrent parts of Nepal. The itinerary he arranged for us were perfect includes historical sightseeing, virgin nature surfing and lodging Chitwan national parks, trekking in Annapourna region and flight around Everest Mount.
He and his staff are responsible, efficient, experienced and kind. For sure i will travel again to him to...
Ali Berenjian, Tehran, Iran